How this idea came about

A while back a friend of mine was “car doored” on while riding on his bicycle past a parked car when the driver opened the door without looking back or in the mirror for cars or bicycles first.
Crash!!! The image of him on crutches remained in my mind when I opened my car door into traffic/bicycle lanes as I found myself more mindful of the potential to be the cause of the same injury to another rider. But more often than I’d like to admit, in a rush to exit my driver side door, I would catch myself opening the door without first checking for a bicycle or car.
I then got any idea about how to remind myself with a higher degree of compliance.
My idea was to have car owners place them in a spot on the windshield so they would see it in their line of sight as they reached to open the door.
Of course, the cling is also a general reminder to a driver to Share the Road with bicyclists and be aware at all times. How many times have you been riding in a bike lane when an unaware driver turns right across the lane? A friend of mine got injured very badly in a collision like that.
Give these clings to your friends – cyclists and drivers – so we can all Share the Road safely.
Tell us how you have used these Check For Bikes clings and about your experiences!